Beckman P50 (P30XL) compatible w/ Biomek® FX/NX

The longest of the 384 format tip types, the P50 tip type is popular when protocols require higher volumes per transfer. The longer tip length also allows access to taller labware (e.g. deep well plates) to be addressed.

These tips are fully compatible with Beckman® Biomek® FX/NX and Multimek® 384 multi-channels heads. Tips are produced from virgin, high grade polypropylene. Ultra polishing techniques ensure low liquid retention without the use of releasing agents or other additives.

These products are equivalent to Beckman® P30XL A22287 (non-sterile), A22288 (sterile) and use the corresponding labware definition (P30XL). A separate labware definition is not needed. Tips are packaged 384 tips per rack, 50 racks per case.


Format: 384

Plate Compatibility: 384

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Non-sterile 50 racks/cs

Working Volume: 50 uL

List Price: $1,400.00


Sterile, 50 racks/case

Working Volume: 50 uL

List Price: $1,450.00


Filtered, Sterile, 50 racks/case

Working Volume: 40 uL

List Price: $1,850.00

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  • Biomek® FX/NX Compatible P30

    Format: 384

    Working Volume: 30 uL

Fluotics independently manufactures these robotic tips to be compatible with the following instruments: Agilent VPrep and Bravo, Beckman Biomek FX/NX series and Multimek, and PerkinElmer Evolution P3 and Janus. Fluotics is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the respective instrument manufacturers.