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NEW YORK, NY – April 19, 2023 – Fluotics Inc., a life sciences company specializing in robotic tip consumables for drug discovery, is proud to announce its latest innovation in automation tips compatible with the Agilent Tapestion 2200 liquid handling system.

Fluotics’ new line of tips is designed to provide maximum precision and accuracy for researchers in the life sciences, enabling them to streamline their workflows and achieve optimal results in their experiments. These automation tips are made of virgin polypropylene with no releasing agents and are certified DNase and RNase-free, ensuring the highest quality and accuracy.

“Our team is excited to unveil our latest innovation in robotic tip consumables designed for Agilent Tapestion 2200 liquid handling system,” said Kevin Martin, Fluotics Director of Sales. “We understand the importance of precise and reliable automation tips in drug discovery, and our new line of tips is designed to meet the specific needs of researchers working with this liquid handling system.”

Fluotics’ Agilent Tapestation compatible automation tips are available in P30 size, with filter and sterile options also available. The new line of tips is tested under stringent quality control processes to ensure only the highest quality product is delivered to the end-user.

Fluotics formed in 2002 when the founders sought to expand their expertise in micro-electronics process and development to new opportunities in the life sciences. Its products are sold directly to customers in the US and internationally.

For more information about Fluotics and its products, please visit the company’s website at www.fluotics.com.

Contact: info@fluotics.com