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Fluotics Automation Tips

Compatible with Beckman Coulter Biomek iSeries/NX/FX/FXP

Fluotics manufactures a complete selection of automation tips compatible with Beckman Coulter* Biomek iSeries and NX/FX/FXP liquid handlers in 384 format. For further information, please visit our Resources page where you can find our complete Product Catalog and Product Specifications for choosing the right tip compatible with your Biomek i-Series, NX/FX/FXP liquid handler.

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Fluotics offers tips compatible with Beckman Coulter Biomek liquid handlers in 384 format in two tip volumes, with or without filters. Our automation tips are guaranteed to access plate densities ranging from 384 to 1536 wells.

Specifically, we offer the following pipette tip types with their corresponding volume ranges:

Fluotics’ P30 Automation Tip Compatible With Beckman Coulter Biomek iSeries/FX/NX | 30 µL working volume, 16 x 24 tip array (384 format)

Fluotics’ P50 Automation Tip Compatible With Beckman Coulter Biomek iSeries/FX/NX automation tip | 50 µL working volume, 16 x 24 tip array (384 format)

Fluotics’ P250 Automation Tip Compatible With Beckman Coulter Biomek iSeries/FX/NX automation tip | 250 µL working volume, 8 x 12 tip array (96 format)

Fluotics’ P70 Automation Tip Compatible With Beckman Coulter Biomek NGeniuS automation tip | 55 µL working volume, 16 x 24 tip array (384 format)

Fluotics’ P1000 Automation Tip Compatible With Beckman Coulter Biomek FX/NX/iSeries and NGeniuS automation tip | 1075 µL working volume, 8 x 12 tip array (96 format)



Fluotics designs its automation tips for maximum compatibility with the Biomek i5/i7, Biomek NX/FX/FXP, and Multimek liquid handlers. A separate labware definition is not necessary when using our automation tips. Similarly, the end user does not need to modify their existing automation control software protocols. Our Fluotics P30 and P50 tips compare to the Beckman Coulter P30 and P30XL tip types.





Our goal is complete assurance and confidence in the performance and quality of Fluotics’ automation tips compatible with Beckman Coulter Biomek i-Series, NX/FX/FXP and Multimek workstations.

Our pipette tips are manufactured within a highly controlled environment using sophisticated production processes. Our automation pipette tips begin with careful design, testing and validation of molds using advanced tooling techniques. Production processes are fully integrated with multiple quality control steps at each stage. Each tip not only undergoes automated machine vision inspection for straightness and uniformity, but also functional performance checks of each tip lot.

Functional performance is tested on the identical instruments that our customers use and include standalone instruments (Biomek iSeries/NX/FX/FXP) and workstation components such as Cytomat hotels and specialty ALPs. Performance testing includes accuracy and precision testing (% coefficient of variation, CV) for each lot using ANSI/SBS standard microwell plates. Additional functional testing includes (but is not limited to):

– Tip capacity

– Tip liquid level and retention (using H2O, EtOH, and DMSO)

– Tip liquid residual quantification

– Tip loading and unloading

– Tip length (physical and effective)

– Tip curvature (high density microwell plate access)

Common concerns such as static buildup are also addressed during the production processes where rigorous anti-static measures are implemented. By applying these strict quality control procedures, the tightest dimensional and performance tolerances are achieved allowing us to guarantee consistently accurate and precise pipetting.



When you choose Fluotics, we know your decision is more than a financial one. It’s also an implicit trust in us and our products. Consequently, our aim is to provide you with the best experience imaginable. When you purchase Fluotics’ products they are always fully and unconditionally guaranteed to perform to your expectations. 



Fluotics produces its automation tips from the highest grade virgin polypropylene available. We use ultra-polishing techniques with our pipet tips to ensure low liquid retention without the use of releasing agents or other additives which have been shown to be problematic in certain assays (John Watson et al., 2009).



From simple liquid transfers to complex multi-step assay protocols, Fluotics’ robotic tips are used in an array of liquid handling protocols. Our automation tips are used daily worldwide by scientists to perform compound management, lead discovery, assay development, next generation sequencing (NGS), and other important functions.

Whether the application is plate to plate transfer, single tip hit picking or serial dilution you can have full confidence that Fluotics’ tips will consistently meet and exceed expectations.

Some publications describing Fluotics’ pipette tips are available in our Library.



Each case contains of 50 tip boxes and each tip box has either 384 or 96 tips. Custom packaging and tip formats are available upon request. Please contact us at info@fluotics.com



Fluotics independently manufactures its robotic automation tips to be compatible with the original manufacturer’s robotic liquid handling instruments: These include but are not limited to: Agilent VPrep and Bravo, Beckman Biomek iSeries, FX/NX and Multimek, Analytik Jena Cybi Well and Cybio Felix, Dynamic Devices Oasis and Lynx, Hamilton MicroLab Star, PerkinElmer Janus and Evolution P3, MGI Tech MGISP-960, Tecan Freedom Evo and Fluent, and Qiagen QIAgility. Fluotics is not affiliated with these instrument manufacturers.