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TOKYO, Japan – Fluotics, Ltd., a microelectronics company, announced the new formation of their drug discovery consumables division and debuted their Velocity11™ and Beckman® compatible robotic pipet tips. These tips are fully compatible with their respective instruments, Velocity11™ Vprep®/Bravo® and Beckman® Biomek® FX/NX/Multimek and immediately available in the most popular robotic tip sizes.

“Fluotics is excited to start a new venture in the exciting field of HTS screening and drug discovery.” said Pete Jones, Fluotics CEO. “We have introduced this line of popular robotic pipet tips to offer customers a high quality product with the best value on the market using our proprietary stereolithographic molding technologies.”

Fluotics’ Velocity11™ Vprep®/Bravo® compatible robotic tips come in volume sizes of 10 uL (P10) and 30 uL (P30). Their Beckman Coulter® Biomek® FX/NX/Multimek compatible tips are offered in 30 uL (P30) and 50 uL (P50) volume sizes. Both product families are for 384 format multi-channel pipetting heads. Made of virgin polypropylene and produced without releasing agents, these pipet tips undergo stringent quality control to ensure only the highest quality product is delivered to the end user.

Fluotics, Ltd. formed in 2002 is a semiconductor and microelectronics design and manufacturing company. Fluotics, Ltd. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, where they set high standards of quality and customer service combined with their cutting edge engineering to manufacture products that contribute to the growing microchip industry.


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