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1536 Black Plate

Applications: Intended for HTS or uHTS screening campaigns using multiple readouts (e.g. fluorescence, luminescence, etc) with excellent signal to noise characteristics. Compatible with acoustic dispensing systems.



– SBS/ANSI standard microplate footprint
– Well dimensions: low dead volume, round wells
– Outer wells act as an evaporation barrier when filled
– Plate flatness to 100 uM or less.


Manufacture: Plates are molded from COC (cyclo-olefin co-polymer) for enhanced chemical resistance, solvent compatibility and plate flatness.


Case Quantity: 10 plates per sleeve, 100 plates per case

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Ideal for large scale culture and screening of bacterial colonies, regional picking and high throughput protein expression

  • Square design makes efficient use of space in your incubator
  • Generous 500 cm2 surface area for growth
  • Bottom grid pattern assists with locating and counting cell populations

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 12 in

1536 wells per plate



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