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48-Well Dividers


Catalog #: Q-INS-48
Compare to Molecular Devices 48-Well Dividers for QTray, SKU # X6026

Applications: Provides cost effective alternative to petri dishes when used with Bioassay Dish. Intended for colony growth and screening experiments. Also useful for agar diffusion assays. Compatible with automated colony pickers.



– 245 x 245 mm2 bottom surface
– 500 cm2 growth surface
– Manufactured with optically clear virgin PS (polystyrene)
– Not treated for cell attachment
– Pre-sterilized and pyrogen free
– Handles and embossed features on lid for easy handling and stacking


Manufacture: Manufactured with optically clear virgin PS (polystyrene).


Case Quantity: 20 sets of 48 dividers per case

SKU: 48-Well Dividers for QTray Category:


Ideal for large scale culture and screening of bacterial colonies, regional picking and high throughput protein expression

  • Square design makes efficient use of space in your incubator
  • Generous 500 cm2 surface area for growth
  • Bottom grid pattern assists with locating and counting cell populations

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 12 in

Sterile, Not TC-treated


4/Bag, 20/Case

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