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FLUOTICS P50 FX/NX Compatible

Fluotics Beckman Biomek FX/NX Compatible

Catalog #: BFX-50.NS | BFX-50.ST | BFX-50.F
Compare to Beckman® P30XL A22287, A22288 and B98224

Compatibility: Fluotics designs its Beckman® P50 automation tips for maximum compatibility with the Beckman Biomek robotic liquid handlers. When using our Beckman Biomek compatible automation tips a separate labware definition is unnecessary. Biomek automation control software protocols also do not need to be modified.



Working volume:  1.00 – 50.00 µL | 1.00 – 40.00 µL (with filter)
Well format:         384 | 384 plate accessible
Head:                   384 multi-channel Biomek NX/FX/FXP and Multimek heads


Applications: The longest of the 384 format tip types, the P50 tip type is popular when protocols require higher volumes per transfer. The longer tip length also allows access to taller labware (e.g. deep well plates) to be addressed. The extra volume capacity and length offers versatility in designing protocols. Fits all 384 multi-channel Biomek NX/FX/FXP and Multimek heads.


Manufacture: Fluotics produces its Beckman Biomek compatible P50 tips from the highest grade virgin polypropylene. We use ultra polishing techniques to ensure low liquid retention without the use of releasing agents or other additives.

Tip material:         polypropylene
Tip box material:  polypropylene


Case Quantity: There are 384 tips per rack and 50 racks per case.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 12 in


Working Volume

50 uL

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